I was reading some of the blogs that come from others who share a similar experience. One in particular struck me with a word that I no longer wish to use in my search for answers. The word is adrift. Please excuse an old Navy man for taking exception with this term. Adrift implies that the vessel is no longer under command and is without direction.

That word should not apply to those of us seeking some modicum of truth and/or justice. We need direction and we need to be unified in our actions to force a change in the way the bishops deal with the issue of sexual abuse not only of children but of vulnerable adults as well. A simple review of the numbers of accused/convicted pedophiles and philanderers on Bishop Accountability show an alarming number of perps who have enjoyed the protection of the Church. The numbers are way to high and we all know that the list online is, by no means, a complete list. Please remember that list only has the names of those who have been identified in a public forum. There are many more who have not come on the radar yet.

Adrift. That word can be applied to the Catholic Hierarchy. They lack the moral authority to command and the act of protecting pedophiles is an indication that the they are so lost in preserving their little fiefdoms that they have lost direction.

No, we are not the ones who are adrift. We have a direction, we have the truth as our true north. Until that heading is relayed to the Catholic Church and all Dioceses come around to that heading, they will be the ones who are adrift.