The Scranton Times-Tribune continues to cover the further misadventures of Bishop Martino.  Go to the Scranton Times-Tribune article on the consolidation of parishes due to shortages of priests and parishioners.

Read the Bishop’s Message.

Do you think that the increasing number of Catholics who are no longer “practicing” their faith is related to issues such as the Priest Sex Abuse Scandal, authoritarian Bishops, or poor management of diocesan resources (schools, parishes, funds, etc…)? Maybe if they stopped lobbying against legislation to protect victims of clergy, media blitzes against teachers who want a fair wage or came clean on the amount of money that they spend to keep pedophiles in resorts there would be more money for parishioner services.

Bishop Martino continues to manage the decline of the Catholic Church in Northeast Pennsylvania.  Rest assured, Northeast Pennsylvania will remain a safe haven for pedophile priests as long as Bishop Martino holds court on Wyoming Avenue.