Kay Ebeling was recently fired from her position at LA City Buzz Examiner for pissing off the Archdiocese of Los Angeles.  Once again, a bunch of pedophile apologists/protectors were deeply wounded by a person asking hard questions.  Poor babies! Personally, I think you deserve a medal for your struggle against the idiots that continue to waste time and resources on protecting the unforgivable instead of proactively dealing with the problem of sexual misconduct and crimes in the Catholic Church.

Kay is back on her blog spot City of Angels: Hope 2009. I’ve corrected my link to her blog on the left side of this blog. Please consider giving her more than just a passing glance. Each voice is important in the fight to keep children safe from harm. Show her a little support!

Welcome back to the sometimes less than polite world of blogging, Kay! I’m hoping to get to speak to you in person in Washington this August.