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Why is Bishop Lahey Smiling?

Why is Bishop Lahey Smiling?

After an arrest warrant was issued by Canadian authorities for Bishop Raymond Lahey of the Roman Catholic diocese of Antigonish in Nova Scotia for child pornography, the whereabouts of Bishop Lahey are unknown.

Bishop Lahey had his resignation accepted by Pope Benedict XVI over the weekend, followed by his hasty departure from his Diocese. Bishop Lahey is known for his brokering of a $15M settlement with child sex abuse victims in the diocese. He was caught with child pornography on his laptop while coming through Canadian security after an overseas trip.

Let’s hope the Mounties get their man, quickly.

Once again the betrayal and sexual exploitation of children comes front and center with another “pillar” of the church. A diocesan spokesman voiced concern for the parishioners and priests of the diocese, but made no mention of the children exploited in the case. It is not shocking that the communications director reaffirms that the focus is always on the church and not on the victims.

I have two questions. The first question is where is the Bishop and why has he not turned himself in? The second question, is the Catholic church aiding and abetting a fugitive from justice? This would not be a first time occurence. Perhaps Cardinal Law needs an assistant in Rome?

Articles on the story are available at Abuse Tracker or the following links:
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Just a quick note, the Catholic Church would like to remind you that the problems of sexual exploitation, molestation, battery and rape by priests are things of the past. All is well! Just keep on stroking those checks, your money is being used for good purposes!

Can you still find reasons to try to block legislation to protect children from abuses by these people?

Update:  Raymond Lahey surrendered himself to police in Ottawa on 1 October.  Stand by for the “I’m a flawed man who has done good things in his life, and simply made a mistake” script.



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