I recieved an email today from a SNAP leader up in Pennsylvania. A survivor in Iowa is looking for information on the predator that abused him as a child. The name of the predator priest is Peter J. Dunne of the Archdiocese of Philadelphia.

This particular priest is a real piece of work. I am going to provide you some links to allow you to read up on what this “man of god” did to children and how the Archdiocese of Philadelphia protected him while the victims received no such consideration.

I would like to provide a quick summary on this guy before you start checking out links. “Father” Peter Dunne was ordained in 1954. He is a diocesan priest who served in the Archdiocese of Philadelphia. He has been publicly accused of abusing 3 teenage boys and 1 boy of unknown age. The Archdiocese allegedly learned of abuse in 1986. As a result, Dunne was sent for treatment and then reassigned (code for: allowed to return to ministry by the Archdiocese of Philadelphia in a new parish with a fresh, unsuspecting crop of potential targets). He has reportedly paid 1 victim $40,000 for his silence. He retired from active ministry in 1995, after 41 years of diocesan assignments, no doubt leaving a trail of victims in his deviant criminal wake. In 2004 he was placed on permanently restricted ministry with no faculties. He has accepted a supervised life of Prayer and Penance. Put another way, he is collecting a pension, living in an Archdiocese of Philadelphia subsidized environment with no repurcusions for the damage he has caused.

Peter Dunne took boys on trips to Iowa. Nice! Crossing state lines with minors for the purpose of committing sexual crimes!  He knew that taking the kids to a unknown environment, completely cut off from family, friends,  or other familiar forms of support would make them more vulnerable and dependent on him.  This is the kind of priest that the Archdiocese of Philadelphia has been sheltering and providing a pension.

A civil suit was filed in Iowa in 2008.

 If you are a survivor of sexual abuse by Father Peter J. Dunne and would like to talk to other survivors of this perp or you have information on Dunne please contact me or Karen Polesir (SNAP Pennsylvania)by email.  If you contact either of us by email we will keep your  information confidential and put you in contact with the survivor who is looking for information.  If you want to pass on information without passing along your contact information to the other survivor, we will respect that request.  If you want to provide information by commenting on this blog indicate in that comment if you want that information to appear in the comment section of the blog.  

Click on the following links for information:
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