Father Scott R. Pilarz, S.J.,

The recent acknowledgment of credible allegations of sexual predation by Neil McLaughlin, S.J., a Jesuit with ties to the University of Scranton, is tragic for his victims as well as the University of Scranton.  It is conceivable that his victims could include members of the University of Scranton community.

As President of the University of Scranton, you have an opportunity to use this tragic news to educate the university community, as well as  surrounding communities, on the epidemic of sexual crimes committed against children in our society. You can show your commitment to the truth and rise above diocesan rhetoric of denial and re-victimization to open a meaningful dialogue with the survivor community.

I hope you use this moment in the University’s history to openly discuss the problems of sexual crimes committed by clergy in the Catholic Church. Such a discussion could bring together survivors, civil authorities, church representatives and the Catholic Community to openly address the crisis. As the President of a prestigious Catholic University you have the opportunity and the obligation to further discuss the crisis, especially in light of the revelation that a credibly accused predator once enjoyed a position of trust and respect at the University of Scranton.

I hope you don’t add your name to the long list of people who issue a statement and then never acknowledge the crisis again.  I would like to think that the University of Scranton is still a place where real issues are discussed openly and all voices are heard.  Prayer is good, especially when it accompanies action.

Michael Baumann

Class of 1982